COME FLY WITH US... instruction, rentals, fuel, maintenance, tiedowns, hangar stories and free advice.... at the Middlebury State Airport!

Middlebury Flight School

467 Airport Road, Middlebury VT 05753
Phone 802-388-0733

We're your full-service FBO at the
Middlebury State Airport

Scenic Air Tours
Wow, is Vermont beautiful from the air! Beautiful villages, lakes, meadows and mountains any time of year.
Flight Instruction
Quit dreaming of learning to fly, and just do it!
Fly in!
Join us for a day of skiing, fly fishing, antique hunting, or just plain sightseeing in the Green Mountains.
If it ain't broken, don't fix it - but if is IS broken, our friendly and highly skilled A&P / IA will make it work!
Fly in for your Annual
Why not make the best of your plane's next annual? Fly in for a mini-vacation while our skilled mechanics annual your aircraft.
Just passing through? Refuel with us and pick up a few breaths of our clear Vermont air at the same time.
Staying a while? Don't worry, your plane will still be here when you return.
Filing IFR?
No approach here, but we're usually pretty clear here in the valley. Cancel when you see the beautiful farmland in our
"Land of Milk & Honey" or go on up to BTV.
Middlebury is 6b0 (that's six-bravo-zero)
Contacting us:

Call us at 802-388-0733 to schedule instruction, rental or maintenance.

Looking for that perfect gift for your favorite aviator?
Consider picking up a
Gift Certificate!

EMAIL us for any of your needs.
Snail Mail to
Middlebury Flight School
467 Airport Road
Middlebury VT 05753
UNICOM on 122.8 - and we'll check for deer or moose
on the runway
BURLINGTON APPROACH on 121.1 is not a bad idea, either.

Hey... thanks for dropping in!
Tailwinds and CAVU from your friends at

Middlebury Flight School


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